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Sell 3 Axle Dump Truck

Three axle dump trucks are larger and heavier than two-axle dump trucks. These vehicles are usually more powerful and have more storage capacity. Three axle dump trucks can carry up to 26 tons of materials and have a maximum weight capacity of 45 tons during loading.

3 Axle Dump Truck

How much is 3 Axle Dump Truck?

3 Axle Dump Truck price

The tri-axle dump truck body is a popular choice for small and large businesses. It’s a great option for those who frequently need to haul dirt, gravel, and other bulk materials. Because of its versatility, dump trucks are also commonly used by the military to transport cargo. The cost of a used tri-axle dump truck can run $15,000-$100,000, depending on the condition. New models can run from $100,000-$200,000

What is 3 Axle Dump Truck?

3 Axle Dump Truck

3 Axle Dump Truck

The dump truck we provide has a few different configurations. The quad-axle dump truck is the most cost effective option of our three trucks, but it will also carry less load. The tri-axle is great for jobs that require more power, like hauling large loads of dirt or sand over long distances. We can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding which configuration is right for your usage needs.

1.If you need to tow a trailer, then a tri axle dump truck may be the best option for you. They’re easy to maneuver, especially in tight spaces, and can be more lightweight than heavier wheel configurations. A tri axle dump truck may save you money on tolls, but they also have lower maximum operating weights if you’re hauling heavy loads.

2.Tri-axle dump trucks are specially designed to carry large materials and were initially developed to handle a variety of materials, such as paving materials, bricks and concrete. They generally have three axles that can be raised or lowered while the truck is operating to allow it to operate on lighter loads (hence why they are also known as ‘bobtails’). The fourth set of wheels is referred to as an ‘operating wheel’ which can also be used for various operations including wheeling and tipping quarries.

3.Whether you’re hauling statewide or nationwide, 3-axle dump trucks are the best choice for hauling valuable cargo. Their three-axle design reduces the risks associated with rollovers and improves stability during transport. It also reduces the number of trailers needed to transport your load, saving you money. Capable of carrying over 30 tonnes of cargo, these trucks have an impressive payload capacity of over 7 tonnes – more than double that of standard trucks.

What weight can 3 Axle Dump Truck?

The payload of an average three-axle dump truck is limited to around 15 tons per trip, so be sure to consult local regulations and avoid bridges that cannot support this weight.


The 3 axle dump truck is a powerful, fuel-efficient workhorse for any construction site. It has a high payload capacity and low center of gravity compared to traditional dump trucks, which makes it easy to maneuver over uneven terrain. The low vibration and lower fuel consumption make it an ideal vehicle for local hauling or construction work.

Our 3 Axle Dump Truck is designed to handle the toughest projects. We understand every project is unique, so our professional staff will work with you to get the best dump truck for your business!

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