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Tanker Guide

We have a tanker truck for sale. This is perfect for transporting liquid products such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene and more. Used by companies that handle fuel for refilling their own vehicles or selling to customers.




3.Purchase guide

4.Tank making instructions



Tanker truck


The tanker truck is a special oil tank car with a container, mainly used for transportation of liquid petrochemical products from gasoline, diesel, crude oil and lubricating oil etc. to storage and transportation. The cylinder pump can be installed on the truck and connected to the main engine by means of shaft drives that make it possible to suck in, inject out and store oil in the tank. The storage tank can be divided into some sections after discharge and can perform several functions such as segmented collection and distribution. Oil trucks consist of power unit, transmission shaft, pump assembly, tank body and pipe network system. The circulation system consists of pumps, valves and valves.

The tanker truck is according to the user’s request of installing paddle pump, centrifugal pump, heavy oil pump and stainless steel pump. The tank can be equipped with heating pipes and insulation layers. Also there are semi-spherical tanks and square tanks.


Tanker trucks are classified according to tank size into: small-scale tanker trucks, medium-sized tanker trucks, large tanker trucks, semi-suspended tanker trucks.

Purchase guide

Truck different chassis and price, because the brand and configuration of the car body is different, which makes the price difference;

As all of our products are made to order, the price will be different for each item. The difference in price has been determined by the use of the parts, the cost of materials and shipping rates.

Tanker trucks are used to transport liquid materials, such as gasoline, crude oil, and chemicals. They can be unloaded by a dedicated pump or by gravity. Tanker trucks are available in many sizes and capacities, to hold different types of liquids and chemical compounds. The price of a tanker truck depends on the material used for its body and how much material it contains.

Tank making instructions

The tank shell is made of 4mm or 5mm high-strength carbon steel plates, according to the national standards for oil tank trucks, with the welding technology. The shape is oval or rectangular tanks.

Tanker truck is designed with many shielding bulkheads. The pressure testing of high pressure gas ensure its excellent loading security, stability and safety.

Heavy duty tanker truck is used to transport bulk liquids, including alcohol, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, pickling liquids and emulsified liquids. It uses steel or plastic tanks (thickness: 4mm – 5mm) imported from Korea or China.


Tanker truck drivers are required to have hazardous material transportation certification and oil tankers can only be driven by qualified fuel equipment drivers. Drivers and crew must wear flame-resistant clothing when entering the loading area and they must attend fire safety training.

Tanker trucks have been improved by adding new regulations for fuel transport management. Before loading the truck, it must carry out all of the necessary preparations, and in its operation phase, attention is paid to detail. The test must be taken with a questionnaire, requiring each worker to fully understand the regulations, so that they can weave a standard web.

For maintenance and repair of tank drums, it is good to first clean the drum. When the drum has been thoroughly cleaned, it can be used at high temperature steam to make sure all the oil vaporizes inside the drum before dealing with welding work and other operations, in order to prevent explosion accidents.


Tanker trucks are used for many different applications. According to their purpose, there are various kinds of tanker trucks, such as firefighting trucks and water tankers. Tanker trucks are built with a very sturdy construction to keep the fuel safe inside. They also have several certifications and sensors to ensure safety as well. They are also equipped with several different tools like a welder, a paint sprayer and more to help them get the job done efficiently.

Thank you for your interest in Tanker truck. Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions or concerns. You will get the best service when you need it most!

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